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French Chambers of Agriculture (EN)

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About us

Founded in 1924, French Chambers of Agriculture are public bodies representing French farmers and the rural world. Their 8 325 permanent employees offer advisory services to farmers and other rural stakeholders, test new products, technologies and practices on about 50 experimental stations and promote the transfer of innovative practices to end-users during demonstration events as INNOV’ACTION and Tech & Bio (for organic and alternative agriculture). Moreover, they provide expertise to public authorities and give its views on agricultural and rural issues; they have a permanent representation in Brussels which analyse policy trends, organise meetings with the European Union institutions and also work on specific objectives. 

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There are 89 departmental Chambers of Agriculture (“Department” is a French administrative division between cities and regions) and 13 regional Chambers of Agriculture which are linked by law to one national umbrella (Chambers of Agriculture France / APCA). This dense administrative network is involved in nearly all agricultural sectors: the following map shows the diversified French agriculture.

(Source: French Ministry of Agriculture, 2011; AGRESTE, 2010)

French Chambers of Agriculture and Europe

French Chambers of Agriculture are involved in several associations, networks and programmes dedicated to cooperation on various agricultural issues. Via their national umbrella (APCA), they are members of EUFRAS (European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services), IALB (International Academy of Rural Advisors) and COPA-COGECA (European farmers’ association).  Moreover, they participate in some European R&D programmes (such as ERASMUS+, INTERREG, LIVE+ and HORIZON 2020) and in about 100 operational groups of Agricultural European Innovation Partnership

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